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The TU resident Native American Law LL.M. program has been a shining beacon of light to attorneys and judges who wish to gain and expand on their knowledge of Indian Law and practice in the field. But not everyone can attend a resident educational program. And University of Tulsa is not merely content to sit on the laurels of that resident LL.M. program. Beginning in the fall of 2011, anyone with a bachelor's degree will be able to enroll in the new, completely online, Masters of Jurisprudence in Indian Law program at TU. This program is for a far broader audience than the LL.M. program, but draws from the same extensive and respected pool of expert professors and staff, aided by TU's partner in the program, Concord Law School of Kaplan University. In this joint effort by the two institutions, TU and Concord will take the field of education in Indian Law to a whole new level of availability. For the first time, tribal lawyers and judges, chiefs, tribal council members and other leaders will be able to expand and improve their knowledge of Indian Law without having to leave Indian Country. TU College of Law is a recognized leader in the academic field. Concord Law School is a leader in online legal education, and has already partnered with a number of other schools to provide an easily accessible, easily used platform for online programs. Together, they will provide an opportunity never before seen - the chance for vitally-needed higher education in Indian Law to anyone, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

"Tulsa's College of Law is unmatched when it comes to Indian Law," said Tulsa LL.M. program graduate and MJ program co-director, Professor Tim Pleasant, "I've taught law for 10 years at Concord, and we're delighted to pair up with Tulsa. It's very difficult for anyone working in Indian Country to break away for a year or more to improve their education and return to serve their tribes and communities. Now they won't have to do that. They can take advantage of the expertise and experience of law professors who have been teaching Indian Law AND actually working in the field for years, and do it from their own home or office. Then they can turn around the next day and put their new knowledge to work where it can benefit Native Americans the most - right there in Indian Country."

The online classroom you'll be entering is just one component of Concord's Learning Management System. In addition to the curriculum provided by University of Tulsa College of Law and its professors, the LMS supports all of the functions you'd expect to find in a full-blown "brick and mortar" law school, such as access to the library and bookstore.

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